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Weil Lifestyle is an organization founded with the mandate of providing an ethical funding platform to support the Weil Foundation. Its mission is to be the leading resource for education, information, products, services and philanthropic contributions based on the principles of integrative medicine. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Weil Lifestyle is the owner of the website www.drweil.com and the exclusive worldwide licensor of distinctive products and services that are developed, reviewed and approved by Dr. Andrew Weil. (About Us - Andrew Weil, M.D.)

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Weil Lifestyle maintains and presents the content of www.drweil.com, a free online consumer resource for healthy living based on an integrative medicine philosophy. For the last seven years, www.drweil.com has helped millions of consumers and health professionals stay abreast of news and information in the field. Its servers log more than three million pageviews and deliver over 14 million free opt-in e-bulletins each month. Dr. Weil is actively engaged as the editorial director for the site, overseeing both its direction and content.

"My primary purpose in creating Weil Lifestyle is to establish a stable financial base to provide funding for research and educational programs that will ultimately improve health care and empower individuals to make better health choices by following the principles of integrative medicine. I also want to make quality products available to people who are interested in following my recommendations," said Dr. Weil. "As a practitioner and teacher of integrative medicine for the last thirty years, it has been my personal mission to drive research, teaching, clinical practice, and public education to advance this system. I believe that integrative medicine is the future of medicine and health care."

Since its inception in 2005, the Weil Foundation has given out more than $5 million in grants and gifts to medical centers and other non-profit organizations nationwide.

The goals of Weil Lifestyle are achieved through royalties from licensing and offering a range of best-in-class products and services. Its commitment to the public is to provide therapies that enhance health and well-being, and help achieve a lifestyle guided by the philosophy of integrative medicine.

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