About Spontaneous Happiness

Whether you want to enhance your mood, improve your physical and mental health, learn and practice natural ways to connect with body, mind and spirit, or simply discover and sustain balance and clarity, Spontaneous Happiness is for you!

This online plan has everything you need to achieve emotional well-being in just eight weeks! From weekly checklists and personalized tips to in-depth articles and easy-to-follow guides and videos for yoga, meditation and hypnosis, we have a variety of tools to keep you engaged and encouraged. As you progress, each week allows you to "unlock" new content, tools and features designed to help improve your emotional well-being in the areas of Body, Mind and Spirit.

As a Spontaneous Happiness member you can look forward to features and benefits including:

  • Exclusive videos of Dr. Weil performing his breathing exercises for health
  • Instructional articles and checklists designed to guide you to happiness
  • Weekly yoga suggestions to keep your body, mind and spirit in balance
  • A weekend meditation plan for serenity and improved focus
  • Weekly music inspirations to calm, invigorate and enhance your moods
  • Guides for better eating, exercise and whole-body balance
  • A renowned panel of experts offering advice on sleep, meditation, relaxation and more
  • Dr. Weil’s Balanced Living newsletter available for download every month
  • Exclusive photo albums of inspiring subjects
  • Personalized tips to help you achieve your goals
  • Robust continuity program to keep your mental health in tune

You can stay on track toward your goals with our:

  • Weekly Spontaneous Happiness emails
  • Interactive progress calendar that keeps track of your goals
  • Assessments for Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Exclusive tools that track your breathing, mood, walking and more
  • Weekly checklists for your Body, Mind and Spirit

And more! Don’t wait - achieve emotional well-being in just eight weeks!


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